Sunday, 2 February 2020

Printed Comics of Chapter One! (And the next step...)

Physical comics of 
"FROSTBITTEN KITTENS - Chapter 1" are available HERE!
(£4.99 until the end of February)

To finally hold these bad boys in my hands is an incredible feeling.
I've always wanted to draw and print my own comic,
there's a real rush from having it exist in physical form!

I'm currently writing the script and thumb-nailing the comic pages
for Chapter 2; "Sardonic Violation".

My aim for the second chapter is to experiment further
with panel layouts, work on perspective and a wider variety of angles, 
push for more turgid expressions, dynamic poses and an 
overall quicker pace to the story being told. 
(Also, neater font!)

I'm also hoping to hit (at least) 50 pages with this chapter.
I'll definitely be using Comic Printing UK again,
who have been so supportive and professional throughout
the whole process.

It may be too early to be setting goals, but I'd like to start
sharing a page a week of Chapter 2 by Summer 2020
via the comic archive on the Official Website.
(Let's hope that this one doesn't take me 3/4 years!)

I'd like to iterate again just how much it means to me that
people are reading the comic, whether it's through the
website or through the printed copies.

to everyone who has supported me so far.

Sunday, 17 November 2019

IT'S DONE!! =^ΰ² _ΰ² ^=

It's finished...after three long, stinky years...⏰⏰⏰

"FROSTBITTEN KITTENS - Chapter 1: Blackened Beginnings"
is 100% complete and available to read in it's entirety for FREE!!

🀘You can read the full comic HERE🀘

I'm absolutely over the moon to finally
be able to share this comic with you all! 😺

I started planning and drawing up these pages in 2016.
By late 2017, I had drawn up most of the comic...

But then I embarked on my
and had VERY little time to finish the last bits! 😡⚰

I started releasing a page a week every Sunday
starting last Summer, hoping it would motivate me
to finish the last few pages despite the hard time I was having.
Fast forward to just over a year and I'm a fully-qualified Tattoo Artist,
with Chapter 1 finally completed after all this time! πŸ’ͺ😺✎

I really want to thank EVERYONE who has supported

My next goal is to look into getting Chapter 1
published physically and of course plan Chapter 2.
(If anyone has any recommendations for places
that print self-published comics, I'd be super grateful!)

The biggest things I'd like to improve on in the next chapter are
panel layout, pacing and staying true to myself; that is, to keep
it grim but super goofy. 😺

The last thing I'd like to say is that I always LOVE hearing feedback
(the good, bad AND ugly!) I'd really like to know what people think
about the first chapter in more detail, so please don't hesitate to get in contact 😸

Stay frosty, and see you all soon!

(PS. There will be a Two-Page Special released next Sunday!)

Tuesday, 27 November 2018

FROSTBITTEN KITTENS: Chapter 1 - Blackened Beginnings

A year and a half since my last update...
(I can explain!)

"FROSTBITTEN KITTENS: Chapter 1 - Blackened Beginnings"
is FINALLY available to read!!

A new page is uploaded every SUNDAY \m/
(The most Satanic of all I get the afternoon to myself.)

You can start from the first page
~ HERE ~

A year ago in October I started my Tattoo Apprenticeship
at URBAN INK (which I absolutely love!)
and have been working 6/7 day weeks ever since...
Totaling over 70/80 hours most weeks, including travel!

As you can imagine, this hasn't left me with a lot
of time for my band, comic or much of anything, really...
I just about get to eat and urinate! Imagine!

But luckily as the comic was pretty much 90% complete, 
I can finally start editing/uploading pages in the evening,
ready for its release on SUNDAY! HOORAY!

It feels good to finally start putting out this 
project so close to my heart to all 3 of you who read it <3

I've already started revisiting my plans for Chapter 2
and brainstorming ideas; you'll see it in five years time! \m/

Thank you for the support. <3

~Rach \m/

Thursday, 8 June 2017

FROSTBITTEN KITTENS Graphic Novel - Chapter 1 Update #4

Sunny Hayfevery Hails!! \m/

*snots everywhere* Fangs for comib back...uuuuuuuuurgh

As of today, I'm on Page 46/50...!!
I'm so close now that I can't stand it!! :D

I NEED to get this story out of my system and (hopefully) share it
with you gorgeous, frostbitten bastards!!

I still have to go back and (CAREFULLY) add the text, some backgrounds
and of course...*GASP* THE COVER...(which will be full colour!)

...I can't wait to knuckle down on Chapter 2 already; I know that
I wanna make it even crazier in terms of story, panel layout and art style!!
(If anyone read my 6-page Blurgh! Comic in SATANIC MOJO, you know what I mean!)

Don't feel like that's a negative on THIS chapter, though!
I'm incredibly excited to get it finished and OUT THERE!!

As always, thank you SO much for checking back and supporting
Blurgh! The Black Metal Cat and FROSTBITTEN KITTENS!! <3 \m/

*  *  *

Monday, 8 May 2017

FROSTBITTEN KITTENS Graphic Novel - Chapter 1 Update #3

Springtime Hails, you little buttnugs! <3

Today, I'm currently working on page 32/50 of Chapter 1 of the
FROSTBITTEN KITTENS graphic novel! (Hooraaaaay! \m/)

My last update a month ago I had reached page 26...meaning I've been
a lot slower this month! T_T

(I've had a lot more work, commissions and band practices for 
Deep Throat Trauma this month, to be fair!)

I'm still super excited to finally get this thing DONE, to
share this world and story with others and to hold
a physical, printed copy of the final comic in my hands...

It feels so close, yet so far!! ;_;

I also want to say a massive THANKS to everyone who supports
Blurgh! The Black Metal Cat; be it buying merch, spreading the word
or just enjoying the ferocity of TRVE FELINE BLACK METAL with us! <3 \m/
Here's some progress photos from the last month:

*  *  *

Saturday, 8 April 2017

FROSTBITTEN KITTENS Graphic Novel - Chapter 1 Update #2

Hails, everyone!
 I've been chugging along this month...

In the last update (posted a month ago today!)
I was up to page 14/50...
As of TODAY, I'm up to 26/50!

We're halfway there, guys! WOOOOOOOO!!
(Ignoring scanning, lettering, cover and printing...*sob* X'D)

Here's some progress peeks of what I've been working on this month;
some of these haven't even been posted on social media.
(Super TRVE rare underground exclusive peek right here, fellas!!)

Thanks for your support, it is TRULY appreciated. <3

~Rach \m/

* * *

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

FROSTBITTEN KITTENS Graphic Novel - Chapter 1 Update

I've spent the last month working on the latest
Blurgh! The Black Metal Cat release;


Ever since I created Blurgh as a character three years ago,
I started to build a world around him and his band.
The Frostbitten Kittens graphic novel will be that story!

Frostbitten Kittens will be my second ever story-based work
after I drew up the first issue of Tales of Malice a couple years ago.

Right now, I'm up to page 14 of 50 (1st chapter).
My current aim is to complete two pages a week minimum.
I'm hoping to have the first chapter completed before July.

That's all I'll say for now, but here's some sneaky 
progress photos of the journey so far...

(As always, thank you for your support!! Stay Frosty!! \m/


*  *  *