Blurgh! the Cat follows the misadventures of Blurgh and his friends:


Blurgh lives to love Black Metal and anything other is deemed unworthy of his time.
He is generally sullen and moody, but prone to hyperactive/aggressive outbursts.
His favourite band of all time is Immortail.


Roary is Blurgh's closest friend (although some wonder why).
He is considerably more tolerant and laid-back than his grim counterpart.
His preferred genre is Death Metal and his favourite band is Cannibal Cats.


Urk loves Black Metal even more than Blurgh (he claims), 
however is more subtle in his appreciation for the genre.
He will only listen to the most grim and blackest of bands. 
His current favourite is Cathory.


Squeal is energetic and imaginative, a lover of anything fun.
She is an avid attender of parties, gigs and festivals.
An enthusiastic grindcore fan, her favourite band is Haemeowrrhage.



 Vrangcatt is happy, bubbly and kind;
although Blurgh seems oblivious to these traits!
He plays bass in Black Metal band Catpawthian Forest.


Arcaton is a gentle giant who is tough yet caring...
however, tolerating Blurgh will fray even the strongest of nerves!
He plays guitar in Black Metal band 1349
(named after the year that cats officially became grim in Norway).